Shoe Crush: Wing-Tip Oxfords

21 Feb

So this is simultaneously a shoe crush and a bragging moment because the below gorgeous shoesies are my very own. They aren’t exactly on my feet yet, because they haven’t exactly arrived, but they will. Oh, they will. The sleek pair of leather wing-tip oxford flats in buff that you’re feasting your eyes upon were bought for me by my boyfriend, the one and only, King Chest Hair.

Fabulous, aren’t they? Wipe your chin. You’re drooling.


Year of the Rabbit

7 Feb

Twas recently the Chinese New Year, bringing in the Year of the Rabbit. Though I have little actual relation to this holiday, I do live a stone’s throw away from China Town and frankly, just don’t go there enough. As an American-Chinese food addict lover, what better place to go gobble up delicious and heart clogging Chinese chicken, beef, veggies and best of all, soup dumplings? No better place. That’s where.

Bag Crush: Lauren Merkin Juliette Bag

3 Feb

To continue my superficial materialism (redundant?), I thought I’d share another coveted piece that haunts my brain. Sometimes, I’ll look at a bag and see this one, even though it’s not. Sad, huh?

Shoe Crush: Elizabeth and James Mena

2 Feb

Sigh – love these so much. Even on sale at Zappos I can’t justify spending $126 on them, though they do come in my monstrous shoe size (11), which is a rarity. Maybe on another day I could, but this is not that day. Aren’t you proud Mommy? Oh Mary Kate and Ashley, how you munchkins tempt me with your shoe designs for non-munchkins!

My Precious Pretty Little Liars

1 Feb

It’s been itching inside of me for some time now but I have said, “Self – you shut up. Shut up, self. Nobody wants to read about your love for asinine television shows revolving around the lives of fake teenage girls wearing designer clothing searching for the killer of their friend that they loved but also really hated. Nobody cares, self. Nobody.”

But…must…type…name…of…show…Pretty Little Liars! Aaah.

Mmm. The name just looks good on the screen.

As you’ve guessed, it’s my new favorite show. It all began when my boyfriend, a notorious Gossip Girl fan, informed me of the the show’s return and (with squealing excitement) told me to watch it. I assure you, I laughed at him. Laughed and laughed. But, he had his way and I tentatively and mockingly consumed Season 1, Episode 1. Then Episode 2 and well, the rest was and is history.

It got under my skin. I kept thinking and thinking about it. At first I was hesitant to admit my sudden devotion, but I found myself asking for more and then more and then, well, here I am on a retched, Non-Pretty-Little-Liars day (how I refer to every night that the show doesn’t air), craving the next piece of the story.

What will Emily do about her newly estranged lesbian lover away at some type of juvenile detention center? What will Spencer uncover living with Ian? When will Hanna eat her next pint of ice cream?! What’s Aria going to do about Mr. Fitz Ezra?! Ugh. These are earth-shattering questions, I’m telling you. But most of all – who is this murky, lurky new guy that was written into the series and what role will he play in finding out who ‘A’ is?

It’s almost too much. And to spare you the trouble of reading any more of this nonsense (also, I just drooled all over myself, so need to step away), I’ll leave you with the opening credit sequence, which contains the single catchiest and most wonderful song ever. And yes, my girls’ hair always looks that great.

Speaking of Karl Lagerfeld (re: my last post about his face on your chest)

26 Jan

…Doesn’t this video make him seem, dare I say it…sweet? I mean, the guy’s been known to say some pretty stupid things, specifically about how much ladies weigh – like he doesn’t like “curvy” people (i.e. Heidi Klum, naturally). What this means after deep interpretation is that he only likes lettuce-eating rabbit people, known colloquially as “models.” And I’m not saying this video made me love him, but, well – he seemed sweet. He also seemed, genuinely, to think he never does enough and often feels lazy, which I totally relate to. Anyway – he’s not going win any people of the year awards in my book, okay? I just thought this was an interesting, softer take on the otherwise total ass, Chanel couturier. So sue me.


Original video source:

Would you wear this?

25 Jan

…Cuz I totally would. Karl Lagerfeld all over your chest. If you’re a SF seeking men, this will likely help you weed out the straights because they’ll have no idea what the hell it is you’re wearing. You’re welcome.