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Marie’s Crisis: Sing it Loud and Proud

30 Sep

Yet another iPhone photo. Try not to get bored, here. I really love this one. Do I say that about all of them? Well I ain’t lying, k?

This picture was taken during a birthday celebration for my good friend, Jim. We even got the whole bar to serenade him with The Birthday Song. He totally loved it/wanted to kill us.

The colors here are really vibrant and I love how the lights bleed slightly. If you’ve ever been to Marie’s Crisis you will probably have had the time of your life. That is, unless you loathe show tunes…then you likely wanted to die. I, however, happen to love singing at the top of my lungs with a bar-full of others and I think this pictures captures the warm, jovial atmosphere of the place.

What say you?


Atlantic Antic and Brooklyn Flea: A day looking at things I didn’t buy

29 Sep

On Sunday I spent a loverly day with my besty, Bree, and her ex-roommates and still-friends who moved down the block, Dana and Jon. Much to my street-fair-loving surprise, the Atlantic Antic, an annual event, was taking place a block from Bree’s apartment! “The Antic” as it was so lovingly called by the ex-roomies is full of food, Brooklyn beer and people who don’t want their picture taken (see pissed off woman above). The original plan, as in, what I had written in my calendar, was to attend the Brooklyn Flea Market, an altogether separate event that just happened to take place on the same day! Conveniently the antics at The Antic (see what I did there?) were on the way. Oh, sometimes life is so good to me!

I partook in a few transactions, but mostly I just snooped and took pictures of items I had no intention of purchasing.

This particular ring I actually bought at The Antic. Uh thank you, uh thank you. I love it. It looks so dandy with my nail polish (Chinchilly by essie). The band is stretchy so I can fit any one of my fat fingers into it. I prefer the middle one, though. You like?

Dana (or should I say Jon who handed $20 to Dana, who handed the $20 to the merchant) bought this adorable hat. Doesn’t she look just ecstatic to be wearing it in this photo?

Also at The Antic, I found these really cool prints that were done on wood, if I remember correctly. I love the vibrant colors and I think a big mishmash of these would look amazing on a wall.

Once at the Flea Market, I began to snap photos like a wild woman.

Check out this fantastic bag. It’s sort of a bowling bag with a 70’s vibe.

Bree likes records. Look how sad Ella looks in the crate. It’s a shame we didn’t take her home.

How cute is this little row of vintage boxes? I would totally use these as decor somewhere in my apartment. I love the colorful one and how it stands out amongst the others.

Bree looked adorable in this vintage houndstooth dress. It fit her perfectly. See how that guy in the mirror is checking out her ass? He agrees. This look could be for work, going out, street-walking (not in the prostitution sense) and so many other events. Shame on you Briana for not buying it! Shame!

Another adorable cropped jacket that Bree tried on. I think this look borders on ugly, but could totally be pulled off if done right.

I adored this pair of shoes and they were so cheap too! Too bad my feet are about double this size. I made Bree squeeze her little toesies into them but they were too tight on her too. Boo, to shoes running small! These could seriously go with anything.

So, I fell in love with the below coat. It was heavy wool and would have been so great for winter. Doesn’t it just have that elegant Mad Men feel to it? Jebus knows I love Mad Men. Mmmm, I’m still dreaming about this one.

I take special pride in the below picture. I got yelled at right after taking it by the pretentious boutique owner. I’m not exactly sure what damage could have been done to her business by a simple photo, but  maybe she is of the Amish belief that pictures steal the souls of handbags. In that case, I understand her little smug outburst because let’s face it: This vintage Bottega Veneta bag is freakin’ gorgeous. And it can be yours for the low, low price of $450! Which is why I only walked away with its image and subsequently it’s soul, not the bag itself.

On the way out of the Flea Market these prints were chilling in the corner. I love the colorful backgrounds set behind all-black images. The use of pop culture icons is pretty cool, too.

I did end up buying two cute items that I have not photographed. So…sorry. Anyway, I thought the Antic and the Flea Market were awesome. The Flea Market is going on until November 21st so check it out if you haven’t yet. The Antic only happens once a year so you missed it. Too bad for you.

View from Velvet Couch

27 Sep

I took the above photo using my iPhone and you guessed it, the hipstamatic app. On Friday, I was at a little place called Madame X — AKA “the sexiest bar and lounge” according to the bar itself. It was my first visit there and I was with some friends, having a grand old time, and just thought I’d take some photos of the lounge. I love the way it turned out, all abstract-like and dramatic!

What do you think?

Zanna Like: Magical chairs

24 Sep



I saw this chair a while ago and was like, “No way! So cool.” I think I sent the link to some of my friends who were likely less-than-jazzed, but they just don’t get it.

This chair is as close as we humans are going to get to magic, people. See how it gives you the illusion that the legs aren’t touching the ground and that it slowly grows into formation as you go up? I wonder if I would stub my toe more…hmmm.

Either way though, this is a sweet piece of furniture and don’t make fun of me for gettin’ all hot and bothered by a chair, okay?

Movie Poster: Coffee and cigarettes

24 Sep

via imjustcreative

Can you see the coffee cup and the cigarette???? I’ll give you a second. What about now? Okay, if you can’t see it, then you are dumb.

Sorry, that’s mean. But this isn’t like one of those actual optical mind tricks, so hopefully you can figure it out.

I really love this movie poster, don’t you? It’s incredibly simple, yet the design is extremely creative and effective. The black ampersand on an off-white background is so bold that my eyes are just drawn to it.

I liked it immediately, though wasn’t sure why. Then I saw the cigarette and was like, “Ha! A cigarette in the ampersand!” Then I saw the coffee cup embedded neatly inside the design as an excellent use of negative space and boom! Loved it. And had to post it here.


Zanna Like: Loeffler Randall rain booties in disguise

20 Sep

By Loeffler Randall

I found these adorable incognito rain boots on The Cut and can’t stop returning to the site to look at them lovingly. And stroke the computer screen. Uhhh- what? Ahem.

For one, they’re rain boots in disguise. I don’t care what you people say–huge galoshes don’t go with most outfits. So, any foot covering that allows me to jump in puddles, keep my socks dry and look adorable while doing it, is the foot covering pour moi! Not that someone in her mid-20’s jumping in puddles isn’t already too cute for words, mind you, because it is. Too cute for words.

Anywho, these bootsies are a shade of green, my very favorite color, which makes me like them even more. Some might say this is a pukish-green color but I will politely disagree. It reminds me more distinctly of a nice warm bowl of split pea soup. Throw some croutons into the mix and it’s like Christmas. Speaking of which, maybe “Santa” can bring me my very own pair…

Still don’t think they’re cute? Well then we’re not friends anymore. Harumph!

…No but seriously…Th..they’re to die for…right?

Zanna Like: DIY furniture project to make mediocre, pretty

17 Sep

I’ve been quite excited for a new piece of furniture that my mother is bringing into the city in a week or so. I’ve been fantasizing about where I will put it, what fun, decorative knickknacks can go on it to make our mini-foyer purty. Should it be a landing strip for our apartment? Etc.

I spend hours a day scouring design sites anyway, but I was particularly happy when I came across this do-it-yourself project on Design*Sponge. Follow the link for the actual instructions but check out the before and after photo below.

Both images via Design*Sponge

So cool right?

Here’s the table that I will attempt to transform into something like the above masterpiece:

If I am successful in creating my own awesome re-vamped piece of work I will post it here! Otherwise, I’ll probably never mention this again because that’s just embarrassing.

What do you think? Can I do it?