Ads and Artwork: Eric Van Den Boom is superb

15 Sep

I saw these Ray Ban ads a while back on the street and actually stopped to look at them. As marketing and advertising teachers/professionals will tell, that is an accomplishment in itself. “We see so many ads these days, blah blah.” You know how it goes. But I did. I stopped and stared. Because I thought they were awesome. I think I even said something like, “Those are very designy.” I’m sure people who overheard me were stunned by my astute observation, though they didn’t show it. I really love when art and branding are combined in such a way that the art isn’t compromised and I think these Ray-Ban ads are a fantastic example of such balance.

The other day I was surfing on one of my fav art and design blogs, The Best Part, and I came across some other work by the artist who created the above, Eric Van Den Boom. His other illustrations are awesome, just like the Ray-Ban ads and I thought I’d show you some. All of the below are via The Best Part.

Check out Van Den Boom’s website for more amazing stuff. I’m kind of obsessed.

Have I obsessed you too?


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