Zanna Like: Loeffler Randall rain booties in disguise

20 Sep

By Loeffler Randall

I found these adorable incognito rain boots on The Cut and can’t stop returning to the site to look at them lovingly. And stroke the computer screen. Uhhh- what? Ahem.

For one, they’re rain boots in disguise. I don’t care what you people say–huge galoshes don’t go with most outfits. So, any foot covering that allows me to jump in puddles, keep my socks dry and look adorable while doing it, is the foot covering pour moi! Not that someone in her mid-20’s jumping in puddles isn’t already too cute for words, mind you, because it is. Too cute for words.

Anywho, these bootsies are a shade of green, my very favorite color, which makes me like them even more. Some might say this is a pukish-green color but I will politely disagree. It reminds me more distinctly of a nice warm bowl of split pea soup. Throw some croutons into the mix and it’s like Christmas. Speaking of which, maybe “Santa” can bring me my very own pair…

Still don’t think they’re cute? Well then we’re not friends anymore. Harumph!

…No but seriously…Th..they’re to die for…right?


2 Responses to “Zanna Like: Loeffler Randall rain booties in disguise”

  1. Benjamin Andrew Moore September 23, 2010 at 5:55 am #

    I shall save up my pennies and buy you these boots!

  2. Zanna September 23, 2010 at 8:05 pm #

    I shall look forward to receiving them!

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