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Mittens for Me Mind

28 Oct

So this week the weather has been uncomfortably hot. Like, go-the-eff-away-humidity-and-heat-you-devilish-fraternal-twins, kind of hot. Do you get that rage along with me?

Well, despite this, I’m determined to continue my shopping, albeit the online version of “window shopping,” for the cutest late fall/winter apparel. I want to fake look cute in my head, okay? If you don’t understand this, well, I have no words.

I found three magical pairs of mittens today by Kate Spade. Seeeee them? Mmmmmm. My hands look so pretend cute in them. My favs are the red ones that say LEFT and RIGHT and not because I don’t know which hand is which, but because I like red and just think they’re the most adorable. Also, I can’t afford taxis so I would never actually utilize the creativity of the yellow taxi ones. And high-fives? Palease. Okay, I don’t actually have anything against high-fives. But if you’re presenting both mittens to someone, enabling them to read the words, then isn’t that really a high-ten? Just saying.

The above pics are froms Saks where you can actually purchase these if you don’t just want to drool in their general direction…like me.


Open Letter to J.Crew

18 Oct

Dearest, Darlingest J.Crew:

I don’t know if you’re aware of this, but you are not a premier designer. Premier designers are brands like Louis Vuitton or Zac Posen who get to charge $400 plus, for shoes and garments. They are also extremely high quality and last forever and you get to say you’re wearing Louis Vuitton or Zac Posen. I don’t know if you’re aware of this, but nobody is impressed when you tell them you’re wearing J.Crew. Not that I care so much about my image per se, but people do, rest assured. And if these people are going to drop hundreds of dollars on shoes, or clothes, or bags, they are going to do so at a really special store like Marc Jacobs or Fendi. So, then why, I implore you, why would anyone spend $400 on a pair of shoes from your catalog or store? For the record, I would only EVER buy your shoes if I had a very large gift card or they were on mega sale. I mean MEGA.

So, that being said, J.Crew, please stop making such adorable shoes. No, seriously. Stop making them or lower the damn price, because I can’t afford you anymore, J.Crew. And it pains me.

Stop making these:

And these:

And these babies:

Oh, and these:

Because I want all of them, and they come in my size (which is rare for me and my size 11 peds) and I certainly do not have near $1600 to spend on shoes, or anything, for that matter.

Thank you.



Shoes that Aren’t

15 Oct

Take a look at these incredible shoes/sculptures by Kobi Levi that I found on Etsy’s blog, The Storque. I would never wear any of the below, except maybe the chewing gum one, but I still love the designs. Check out the page on his site for additional shoes like the “XXX Pump.” It’s quite provocative! At least much more so than bananas and doggies.

These sure would be a conversation starter, though I’m not sure what other conversations would occur behind your back after the initial dialogue. Maybe some high-fashion, “I don’t give a shit” type person could pull these off. But probably not.

Anyway, at least you could make some hilarious jokes if you dared to wear one of the dog-like pairs. You’d give a whole new meaning to the cliche, “My dogs are barkin’!” Funny, right? I know.


If you had to pick one pair, which would you wear?

Packing tape is art too, didn’t you know?

6 Oct

The last time I used packing tape is a time I don’t like to recall if I can help it. But, for your sake, I’ll tell you: It was when I helped move my boyfriend into a new apartment, AKA The Move from Hell, as we now refer to it. Needless to say the stuff doesn’t give me tingles of joy.

That is until now.

Check out these wonderful works by Mark Khaisman who uses tape as his medium. Amazingly, he uses plexiglass as his canvas and layers 2″ pieces of tape over it until it looks something like the below. I’m truly blown away.

Really incredible right?

(all images and original article via Apartment Therapy)

Rag Rugs are Rad

3 Oct

Found these lil’ guys on Design*Sponge and fell in love five times over (one time for each rug).

For one: I have no rug in my room. Every night after walking to my bed on the hard wood, my feet whisper to me, “Zanna, please get us a rug,” and I have to explain to them that I just haven’t found the one yet.

Rejoice, little feet! I have found my rug. You will be cold and uncomfortable no longer!

For two: How amazing and creative are these? They are all so incredibly unique and colorful. What a great way to turn a simple room or one that doesn’t have a lot of color (read: my cave of a room), into a haven of rainbowness. These rugs have me so excited, I’m even making up words.

For a little history–you curious readers, you–these Boucherouite rugs, or rag rugs, are a new version of an old Moroccan tradition. Wool was expensive and hard to come by, so Moroccan families made their rugs from scraps of fabric they found, instead. Out of necessity comes art!

Do any of you have one of these? How much do you love them?

(Pictures via Design*Sponge)

More info on Boucherouite HERE

Zanna Like: Ben Newman, bold geometry and wine

1 Oct

via designworklife

This illustration by Ben Newman, a UK-based artist, caught my eye today. Though I found his work on a design site, designworklife, this particular image is actually the landing page for Rockus Bockus’s website. Even without knowing anything about the establishment it was designed for–which is a wine-makin’ one–this piece is so captivating in its colors (fall colors, yay!) and its sharp geometric imagery. It’s awesome and I would love to hang a framed version in my apartment.

Does it get you in the mood for the fall and wine too? Mmmmm.

Also check out how cool this looks on the wine bottle itself. Great art and great packaging combined makes me tingle!

I’d like to get my hands on some of this!