Rag Rugs are Rad

3 Oct

Found these lil’ guys on Design*Sponge and fell in love five times over (one time for each rug).

For one: I have no rug in my room. Every night after walking to my bed on the hard wood, my feet whisper to me, “Zanna, please get us a rug,” and I have to explain to them that I just haven’t found the one yet.

Rejoice, little feet! I have found my rug. You will be cold and uncomfortable no longer!

For two: How amazing and creative are these? They are all so incredibly unique and colorful. What a great way to turn a simple room or one that doesn’t have a lot of color (read: my cave of a room), into a haven of rainbowness. These rugs have me so excited, I’m even making up words.

For a little history–you curious readers, you–these BoucherouiteĀ rugs, or rag rugs, are a new version of an old Moroccan tradition. Wool was expensive and hard to come by, so Moroccan families made their rugs from scraps of fabric they found, instead. Out of necessity comes art!

Do any of you have one of these? How much do you love them?

(Pictures via Design*Sponge)

More info on Boucherouite HERE


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