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My Lovely Lady Shumps

4 Nov


It’s an unattractive word. It reminds me of humps (on your back) or rumps. Also shunts, which are medical-like things that sound yucky. It’s too bad that this word describes the prettiest shoe in the whole wide worldy-world. A combo of Jordans and pumps. A.K.A, shoes and pumps, or sneakers and pumps with an added ‘h’ for no reason whatsoever. Take your pick.

But more importantly take your pick of these fine, and I do mean FINE, sneaker-heel combos and put them on your Christmas list ‘cuz SANTA’S BRINGIN’ THEM DOWN THE CHIMNEY THIS YEAR PEOPLE! (Feel free to read the prior sentence in Oprah’s voice or my really loud one, if you know what I sound like.)

Do you want these lovely red hot tamali, vintage-esque shumps?

Or would you rather go a little more “Shumps of the Future?”

Perhaps today is a Wimbledon white day. I’m sure Federer wouldn’t mind your stylish touch of gold:

No? Well there’s always your “I learned my primary colors plus silver!” pair:

And BEE TEE DUBS: Who said the ’80’s ski trends weren’t cool anymore? (I bet these change colors in the cold…please let them change colors in the cold…)

Really, all of the above are truly fine choices and of course, shumps are not limited to the pictured. There are lots and lots more goodness where these came from.

In all seriousness* this innovation is simply divine and I’d like to extend an exaggerated “Thank You” to their creative, genius designers over at the Combo Shoes Design Shop. Thank you.

*This asterisk indicates that I’m not being at all serious. I hope my thick, THICK, sarcasm is apparent in this post. If it isn’t apparent to you, then, well, you are not appalled enough by the above images to say to yourself “She has to be kidding,” and then realize that: HECK YES SHE’S KIDDING. You need to become more appalled or never, EVER go out of the house with anything you choose to wear yourself.

Aso, I’d like to extend a real thank you to Elizabeth Dunn-Ruiz of  A Lil’ Sumpin’ Sumpin’ fame for dutifully sending me pictures of The Shump as she came across them, as well as coining the term. Thanks EDR!