Ze Friday Nitez

24 Jan

What did you do on Friday night?

I sipped on the most delicious hot chocolate in the whole wide world at La Lanterna – yes, better than your grandma’s homemade hot chocolate – then stumbled upon a live jazz trio at Garage and enjoyed the music with some people from…an island that isn’t short…who weren’t exactly on board with said jazz. It’s called culture, my friends, culture.  I also convinced these same folks that my water was a quadruple vodka on the rocks that cost exactly $32. When you have a habit, I mean, you do what needs to be done. Like prostitute yourself out, which was precisely how I explained affording my habit. I think at that point they knew I was joking…but one can’t be sure.

Anywho – the night was grand. I mean what’s better than a fantastic cup of chocolate warmth and some jazz to take the chill out? Ain’t nothin’.

Below, please find my cup-o-chocolate upon delivery and about halfway through. Mmm. Me want more.

The band and their piano:


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