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Year of the Rabbit

7 Feb

Twas recently the Chinese New Year, bringing in the Year of the Rabbit. Though I have little actual relation to this holiday, I do live a stone’s throw away from China Town and frankly, just don’t go there enough. As an American-Chinese food addict lover, what better place to go gobble up delicious and heart clogging Chinese chicken, beef, veggies and best of all, soup dumplings? No better place. That’s where.


Ze Friday Nitez

24 Jan

What did you do on Friday night?

I sipped on the most delicious hot chocolate in the whole wide world at La Lanterna – yes, better than your grandma’s homemade hot chocolate – then stumbled upon a live jazz trio at Garage and enjoyed the music with some people from…an island that isn’t short…who weren’t exactly on board with said jazz. It’s called culture, my friends, culture.  I also convinced these same folks that my water was a quadruple vodka on the rocks that cost exactly $32. When you have a habit, I mean, you do what needs to be done. Like prostitute yourself out, which was precisely how I explained affording my habit. I think at that point they knew I was joking…but one can’t be sure.

Anywho – the night was grand. I mean what’s better than a fantastic cup of chocolate warmth and some jazz to take the chill out? Ain’t nothin’.

Below, please find my cup-o-chocolate upon delivery and about halfway through. Mmm. Me want more.

The band and their piano:

Subway Boots

20 Jan

I took this photo on the way back from an event at SoHi (the amazing event space in the Trump Soho Hotel), really because I’m obsessed with my new boots. Like, obsessed. I thought I’d create a shrine beginning with a private photo of just my feet and the subway platform. You may judge me – that’s okay, go ahead. I don’t expect you to understand.  I ended up liking the photo a lot though, so I’m sharing it with you…along with my unnatural love for inanimate objects that go on my feet. The camera loves you, lace-up boots, it really, really does.