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24 Aug

I’d like to kick off this blog talking about something that is super cool. Crime. Agree or disagree???

Okay sooooo, I don’t think it’s good per se but there is something fascinating to me about thievery especially in the art world. Perhaps Dan Brown and his DaVinci Code got to me too, (though I doubt it because his writing sucks) but something inside me tingles when I get to read a little ditty on stolen artwork.

Van Gogh's "Poppy Flowers"

I bring this up now, because as some of you may know there was a Van Gogh painting worth an estimated $55 million stolen from the Mahmoud Khalil Museum in Cairo, Egypt. Apparently out of the 43 cameras in said museum, only seven were working. Oh, and none of the alarms were working either. Great security! Top notch, really. I’m surprised the initially suspected Italian couple didn’t actually wander off with 23 paintings in the guy’s Italian leather, Gucci man-purse.

Now they’ve beefed up security and what not, but like –a little too little too late!  Am I right??? Anyone?? People have been arrested, borders are being patrolled, corruption is likely spreading by the minute and someone is writing this movie script as we speak.

On the bright side, it’s a darn tootin’ good thing this happened for the crime fighters out there.  Think of all the mummy-related mysteries this will entail and all the codes that will have to be cracked by the detectives, likely an attractive, well-dressed woman and her handsome male counterpart with a smart hat and fabulous one-liners. Though it may be real life, I’m sure their investigation (which will end with them falling for each other, naturally, recovering the painting and instead of turning it in, hanging it on the wall in their secret love nest in St. Bart’s) will be full of glamour and movie-magic. Rooms will be dark, power will go out, large caves of Egyptian treasures will abound. Man, I should have gone into international crime fighting.

But alas, I did not. And here I write, not in support of art thievery because let’s be honest, it’s an utter travesty that this particular painting was cut out of it’s frame thus changing it forever. That makes me very, very sad. Yet there is something mysterious and interesting about the underground world of art that I want to know more about! So I slurp up these stories like I do my grandmommy’s matzah ball soup (mmmm, so good).

If you are like me and have a hankering for some real life art mystery, you should read The Gardner Heist by Ulrich Boser. I enjoyed it very much and it whet my appetite for more, more, MORE! I was also recommended The Rescue Artist by a nice old man employee at Borders once. So perhaps check that one out too!