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Zanna Like: Ben Newman, bold geometry and wine

1 Oct

via designworklife

This illustration by Ben Newman, a UK-based artist, caught my eye today. Though I found his work on a design site, designworklife, this particular image is actually the landing page for Rockus Bockus’s website. Even without knowing anything about the establishment it was designed for–which is a wine-makin’ one–this piece is so captivating in its colors (fall colors, yay!) and its sharp geometric imagery. It’s awesome and I would love to hang a framed version in my apartment.

Does it get you in the mood for the fall and wine too? Mmmmm.

Also check out how cool this looks on the wine bottle itself. Great art and great packaging combined makes me tingle!

I’d like to get my hands on some of this!


Movie Poster: Coffee and cigarettes

24 Sep

via imjustcreative

Can you see the coffee cup and the cigarette???? I’ll give you a second. What about now? Okay, if you can’t see it, then you are dumb.

Sorry, that’s mean. But this isn’t like one of those actual optical mind tricks, so hopefully you can figure it out.

I really love this movie poster, don’t you? It’s incredibly simple, yet the design is extremely creative and effective. The black ampersand on an off-white background is so bold that my eyes are just drawn to it.

I liked it immediately, though wasn’t sure why. Then I saw the cigarette and was like, “Ha! A cigarette in the ampersand!” Then I saw the coffee cup embedded neatly inside the design as an excellent use of negative space and boom! Loved it. And had to post it here.