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Shoe Crush: Wing-Tip Oxfords

21 Feb

So this is simultaneously a shoe crush and a bragging moment because the below gorgeous shoesies are my very own. They aren’t exactly on my feet yet, because they haven’t exactly arrived, but they will. Oh, they will. The sleek pair of leather wing-tip oxford flats in buff that you’re feasting your eyes upon were bought for me by my boyfriend, the one and only, King Chest Hair.

Fabulous, aren’t they? Wipe your chin. You’re drooling.


Would you wear this?

25 Jan

…Cuz I totally would. Karl Lagerfeld all over your chest. If you’re a SF seeking men, this will likely help you weed out the straights because they’ll have no idea what the hell it is you’re wearing. You’re welcome.

Beacon’s Closet Excursion

19 Jan

So, in honor of all those who got Martin Luther King Jr. Day off (you corporate-world national-holiday celebrators, you), I decided to go to Beacon’s Closet with my bestie.

I love that store for so many reasons (even if they didn’t buy any of the stuff I brought in–harumph), but mostly because the clothes rock, are one-of-a-kind and they’re super cheap! Here is a list of things I purchased:

1. Blouse (2)
2. Sweater vest
3. Tee-shirt
4. Skirts (3)
5. Dress
6. Purse

Guess how much it cost me? Just over $100 bucks. Ummm – AmAHzing (Franck Eggelhoffer played by Martin Short in Father of the Bride voice).

Here are some pics:

Here are some items close-up – How great is this stuff?!

If you have yet to shop there – do. But don’t tell too many people because I don’t want everything picked over next time I go!