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My Precious Pretty Little Liars

1 Feb

It’s been itching inside of me for some time now but I have said, “Self – you shut up. Shut up, self. Nobody wants to read about your love for asinine television shows revolving around the lives of fake teenage girls wearing designer clothing searching for the killer of their friend that they loved but also really hated. Nobody cares, self. Nobody.”

But…must…type…name…of…show…Pretty Little Liars! Aaah.

Mmm. The name just looks good on the screen.

As you’ve guessed, it’s my new favorite show. It all began when my boyfriend, a notorious Gossip Girl fan, informed me of the the show’s return and (with squealing excitement) told me to watch it. I assure you, I laughed at him. Laughed and laughed. But, he had his way and I tentatively and mockingly consumed Season 1, Episode 1. Then Episode 2 and well, the rest was and is history.

It got under my skin. I kept thinking and thinking about it. At first I was hesitant to admit my sudden devotion, but I found myself asking for more and then more and then, well, here I am on a retched, Non-Pretty-Little-Liars day (how I refer to every night that the show doesn’t air), craving the next piece of the story.

What will Emily do about her newly estranged lesbian lover away at some type of juvenile detention center? What will Spencer uncover living with Ian? When will Hanna eat her next pint of ice cream?! What’s Aria going to do about Mr. Fitz Ezra?! Ugh. These are earth-shattering questions, I’m telling you. But most of all – who is this murky, lurky new guy that was written into the series and what role will he play in finding out who ‘A’ is?

It’s almost too much. And to spare you the trouble of reading any more of this nonsense (also, I just drooled all over myself, so need to step away), I’ll leave you with the opening credit sequence, which contains the single catchiest and most wonderful song ever. And yes, my girls’ hair always looks that great.


Beacon’s Closet Excursion

19 Jan

So, in honor of all those who got Martin Luther King Jr. Day off (you corporate-world national-holiday celebrators, you), I decided to go to Beacon’s Closet with my bestie.

I love that store for so many reasons (even if they didn’t buy any of the stuff I brought in–harumph), but mostly because the clothes rock, are one-of-a-kind and they’re super cheap! Here is a list of things I purchased:

1. Blouse (2)
2. Sweater vest
3. Tee-shirt
4. Skirts (3)
5. Dress
6. Purse

Guess how much it cost me? Just over $100 bucks. Ummm – AmAHzing (Franck Eggelhoffer played by Martin Short in Father of the Bride voice).

Here are some pics:

Here are some items close-up – How great is this stuff?!

If you have yet to shop there – do. But don’t tell too many people because I don’t want everything picked over next time I go!


Mittens for Me Mind

28 Oct

So this week the weather has been uncomfortably hot. Like, go-the-eff-away-humidity-and-heat-you-devilish-fraternal-twins, kind of hot. Do you get that rage along with me?

Well, despite this, I’m determined to continue my shopping, albeit the online version of “window shopping,” for the cutest late fall/winter apparel. I want to fake look cute in my head, okay? If you don’t understand this, well, I have no words.

I found three magical pairs of mittens today by Kate Spade. Seeeee them? Mmmmmm. My hands look so pretend cute in them. My favs are the red ones that say LEFT and RIGHT and not because I don’t know which hand is which, but because I like red and just think they’re the most adorable. Also, I can’t afford taxis so I would never actually utilize the creativity of the yellow taxi ones. And high-fives? Palease. Okay, I don’t actually have anything against high-fives. But if you’re presenting both mittens to someone, enabling them to read the words, then isn’t that really a high-ten? Just saying.

The above pics are froms Saks where you can actually purchase these if you don’t just want to drool in their general direction…like me.

Packing tape is art too, didn’t you know?

6 Oct

The last time I used packing tape is a time I don’t like to recall if I can help it. But, for your sake, I’ll tell you: It was when I helped move my boyfriend into a new apartment, AKA The Move from Hell, as we now refer to it. Needless to say the stuff doesn’t give me tingles of joy.

That is until now.

Check out these wonderful works by Mark Khaisman who uses tape as his medium. Amazingly, he uses plexiglass as his canvas and layers 2″ pieces of tape over it until it looks something like the below. I’m truly blown away.

Really incredible right?

(all images and original article via Apartment Therapy)

Zanna Like: Ben Newman, bold geometry and wine

1 Oct

via designworklife

This illustration by Ben Newman, a UK-based artist, caught my eye today. Though I found his work on a design site, designworklife, this particular image is actually the landing page for Rockus Bockus’s website. Even without knowing anything about the establishment it was designed for–which is a wine-makin’ one–this piece is so captivating in its colors (fall colors, yay!) and its sharp geometric imagery. It’s awesome and I would love to hang a framed version in my apartment.

Does it get you in the mood for the fall and wine too? Mmmmm.

Also check out how cool this looks on the wine bottle itself. Great art and great packaging combined makes me tingle!

I’d like to get my hands on some of this!

Zanna Like: Magical chairs

24 Sep



I saw this chair a while ago and was like, “No way! So cool.” I think I sent the link to some of my friends who were likely less-than-jazzed, but they just don’t get it.

This chair is as close as we humans are going to get to magic, people. See how it gives you the illusion that the legs aren’t touching the ground and that it slowly grows into formation as you go up? I wonder if I would stub my toe more…hmmm.

Either way though, this is a sweet piece of furniture and don’t make fun of me for gettin’ all hot and bothered by a chair, okay?

Zanna Like: Loeffler Randall rain booties in disguise

20 Sep

By Loeffler Randall

I found these adorable incognito rain boots on The Cut and can’t stop returning to the site to look at them lovingly. And stroke the computer screen. Uhhh- what? Ahem.

For one, they’re rain boots in disguise. I don’t care what you people say–huge galoshes don’t go with most outfits. So, any foot covering that allows me to jump in puddles, keep my socks dry and look adorable while doing it, is the foot covering pour moi! Not that someone in her mid-20’s jumping in puddles isn’t already too cute for words, mind you, because it is. Too cute for words.

Anywho, these bootsies are a shade of green, my very favorite color, which makes me like them even more. Some might say this is a pukish-green color but I will politely disagree. It reminds me more distinctly of a nice warm bowl of split pea soup. Throw some croutons into the mix and it’s like Christmas. Speaking of which, maybe “Santa” can bring me my very own pair…

Still don’t think they’re cute? Well then we’re not friends anymore. Harumph!

…No but seriously…Th..they’re to die for…right?