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Subway Boots

20 Jan

I took this photo on the way back from an event at SoHi (the amazing event space in the Trump Soho Hotel), really because I’m obsessed with my new boots. Like, obsessed. I thought I’d create a shrine beginning with a private photo of just my feet and the subway platform. You may judge me – that’s okay, go ahead. I don’t expect you to understand.  I ended up liking the photo a lot though, so I’m sharing it with you…along with my unnatural love for inanimate objects that go on my feet. The camera loves you, lace-up boots, it really, really does.




Footprints in the Snow

18 Jan

Got out of a movie (The Fighter, which was really, really good) and it was snowing! Took a walk to Duane Reade and made some tracks in the snow.

Marie’s Crisis: Sing it Loud and Proud

30 Sep

Yet another iPhone photo. Try not to get bored, here. I really love this one. Do I say that about all of them? Well I ain’t lying, k?

This picture was taken during a birthday celebration for my good friend, Jim. We even got the whole bar to serenade him with The Birthday Song. He totally loved it/wanted to kill us.

The colors here are really vibrant and I love how the lights bleed slightly. If you’ve ever been to Marie’s Crisis you will probably have had the time of your life. That is, unless you loathe show tunes…then you likely wanted to die. I, however, happen to love singing at the top of my lungs with a bar-full of others and I think this pictures captures the warm, jovial atmosphere of the place.

What say you?

View from Velvet Couch

27 Sep

I took the above photo using my iPhone and you guessed it, the hipstamatic app. On Friday, I was at a little place called Madame X — AKA “the sexiest bar and lounge” according to the bar itself. It was my first visit there and I was with some friends, having a grand old time, and just thought I’d take some photos of the lounge. I love the way it turned out, all abstract-like and dramatic!

What do you think?

Zanna Like: DIY furniture project to make mediocre, pretty

17 Sep

I’ve been quite excited for a new piece of furniture that my mother is bringing into the city in a week or so. I’ve been fantasizing about where I will put it, what fun, decorative knickknacks can go on it to make our mini-foyer purty. Should it be a landing strip for our apartment? Etc.

I spend hours a day scouring design sites anyway, but I was particularly happy when I came across this do-it-yourself project on Design*Sponge. Follow the link for the actual instructions but check out the before and after photo below.

Both images via Design*Sponge

So cool right?

Here’s the table that I will attempt to transform into something like the above masterpiece:

If I am successful in creating my own awesome re-vamped piece of work I will post it here! Otherwise, I’ll probably never mention this again because that’s just embarrassing.

What do you think? Can I do it?

New York City’s Financial District, from Ferry

11 Sep

I took this photo using my iPhone and the hipstamatic app that I’m obsessed with. My boyfriend, friend and I took a ferry out to IKEA in Red Hook and the somewhat gloomy night lent itself perfectly to a skyline shot. I thought it came out really cool. Agree? Disagree? Lay it on me!