Ze Friday Nitez

24 Jan

What did you do on Friday night?

I sipped on the most delicious hot chocolate in the whole wide world at La Lanterna – yes, better than your grandma’s homemade hot chocolate – then stumbled upon a live jazz trio at Garage and enjoyed the music with some people from…an island that isn’t short…who weren’t exactly on board with said jazz. It’s called culture, my friends, culture.  I also convinced these same folks that my water was a quadruple vodka on the rocks that cost exactly $32. When you have a habit, I mean, you do what needs to be done. Like prostitute yourself out, which was precisely how I explained affording my habit. I think at that point they knew I was joking…but one can’t be sure.

Anywho – the night was grand. I mean what’s better than a fantastic cup of chocolate warmth and some jazz to take the chill out? Ain’t nothin’.

Below, please find my cup-o-chocolate upon delivery and about halfway through. Mmm. Me want more.

The band and their piano:


Coco Chanel in the Flesh

20 Jan

Have you ever SEEN Coco Chanel? I haven’t! Not speaking, at least. This video is pretty fascinating with Coco speaking in her native French (if only I had payed more attention in class!) and sounding bored and uh, completely intimidating. But, as Stylite (where I originally found this video) says, “Maybe it’s because she’s standing up the whole time. Or maybe it’s because she’s COCO CHANEL.” Yeah – it’s ‘cuz she’s Coco Chanel.

Subway Boots

20 Jan

I took this photo on the way back from an event at SoHi (the amazing event space in the Trump Soho Hotel), really because I’m obsessed with my new boots. Like, obsessed. I thought I’d create a shrine beginning with a private photo of just my feet and the subway platform. You may judge me – that’s okay, go ahead. I don’t expect you to understand.  I ended up liking the photo a lot though, so I’m sharing it with you…along with my unnatural love for inanimate objects that go on my feet. The camera loves you, lace-up boots, it really, really does.



Beacon’s Closet Excursion

19 Jan

So, in honor of all those who got Martin Luther King Jr. Day off (you corporate-world national-holiday celebrators, you), I decided to go to Beacon’s Closet with my bestie.

I love that store for so many reasons (even if they didn’t buy any of the stuff I brought in–harumph), but mostly because the clothes rock, are one-of-a-kind and they’re super cheap! Here is a list of things I purchased:

1. Blouse (2)
2. Sweater vest
3. Tee-shirt
4. Skirts (3)
5. Dress
6. Purse

Guess how much it cost me? Just over $100 bucks. Ummm – AmAHzing (Franck Eggelhoffer played by Martin Short in Father of the Bride voice).

Here are some pics:

Here are some items close-up – How great is this stuff?!

If you have yet to shop there – do. But don’t tell too many people because I don’t want everything picked over next time I go!


Footprints in the Snow

18 Jan

Got out of a movie (The Fighter, which was really, really good) and it was snowing! Took a walk to Duane Reade and made some tracks in the snow.


17 Jan

So I’m revamping.

I’ve been feeling stifled as of late due to my busy schedule. Said schedule hasn’t allowed for the creation of my own, more personal outlet and I’ve found myself kind of itching for some place to put down my ideas, once again. Initially my blog had a theme related to art of all kinds, but I’m breaking out! Applaud if you feel like it. Yes, ‘tis a true accomplishment to defy the boundaries you, yourself have created. Anyway, I have decided to de-limit myself and re-begin blogging here, on this blog that I created oh-so-many moons ago. So I’m back to Zannazine, my poor, neglected bloggy-poo and I’ll be gracing you all with coverage of all types of things that suit my fancy.

I am going to try really, really hard to actually post consistently. Wish me luck!


My Lovely Lady Shumps

4 Nov


It’s an unattractive word. It reminds me of humps (on your back) or rumps. Also shunts, which are medical-like things that sound yucky. It’s too bad that this word describes the prettiest shoe in the whole wide worldy-world. A combo of Jordans and pumps. A.K.A, shoes and pumps, or sneakers and pumps with an added ‘h’ for no reason whatsoever. Take your pick.

But more importantly take your pick of these fine, and I do mean FINE, sneaker-heel combos and put them on your Christmas list ‘cuz SANTA’S BRINGIN’ THEM DOWN THE CHIMNEY THIS YEAR PEOPLE! (Feel free to read the prior sentence in Oprah’s voice or my really loud one, if you know what I sound like.)

Do you want these lovely red hot tamali, vintage-esque shumps?

Or would you rather go a little more “Shumps of the Future?”

Perhaps today is a Wimbledon white day. I’m sure Federer wouldn’t mind your stylish touch of gold:

No? Well there’s always your “I learned my primary colors plus silver!” pair:

And BEE TEE DUBS: Who said the ’80’s ski trends weren’t cool anymore? (I bet these change colors in the cold…please let them change colors in the cold…)

Really, all of the above are truly fine choices and of course, shumps are not limited to the pictured. There are lots and lots more goodness where these came from.

In all seriousness* this innovation is simply divine and I’d like to extend an exaggerated “Thank You” to their creative, genius designers over at the Combo Shoes Design Shop. Thank you.

*This asterisk indicates that I’m not being at all serious. I hope my thick, THICK, sarcasm is apparent in this post. If it isn’t apparent to you, then, well, you are not appalled enough by the above images to say to yourself “She has to be kidding,” and then realize that: HECK YES SHE’S KIDDING. You need to become more appalled or never, EVER go out of the house with anything you choose to wear yourself.

Aso, I’d like to extend a real thank you to Elizabeth Dunn-Ruiz of  A Lil’ Sumpin’ Sumpin’ fame for dutifully sending me pictures of The Shump as she came across them, as well as coining the term. Thanks EDR!