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Speaking of Karl Lagerfeld (re: my last post about his face on your chest)

26 Jan

…Doesn’t this video make him seem, dare I say it…sweet? I mean, the guy’s been known to say some pretty stupid things, specifically about how much ladies weigh – like he doesn’t like “curvy” people (i.e. Heidi Klum, naturally). What this means after deep interpretation is that he only likes lettuce-eating rabbit people, known colloquially as “models.” And I’m not saying this video made me love him, but, well – he seemed sweet. He also seemed, genuinely, to think he never does enough and often feels lazy, which I totally relate to. Anyway – he’s not going win any people of the year awards in my book, okay? I just thought this was an interesting, softer take on the otherwise total ass, Chanel couturier. So sue me.


Original video source: Racked.com


Would you wear this?

25 Jan

…Cuz I totally would. Karl Lagerfeld all over your chest. If you’re a SF seeking men, this will likely help you weed out the straights because they’ll have no idea what the hell it is you’re wearing. You’re welcome.